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Outrun Studio offers a wide range of services that are aimed to provide your business with the most professional,  affordable website design in Idaho Falls. 

with our web design services, your website will be made to fit your needs. You will work directly with Alex, the owner and operator of Outrun Studio  to achieve the results your business requires.

Each of our websites are build on a CMS platform (Content Management System). This easily allows you to update the content of your website at your own pace without having to pay a maintenance fee! 

Our websites will :

  • Load Quickly

  • Be mobile friendly with responsive design

  • Compatible with any browser

  • SEO friendly (Because we want you to rank in the search engines)


Outrun Studio is still a new company and we are looking to flourish our web design portfolio, get in touch with us by calling us at 208-360-9310 filling out the form below! 

Web Design Portfolio



I had the pleasure of designing a brand new website for Remax Prestige of Idaho Falls. This real estate website is different because instead of using an MLS iframe, or hosting the properties on a separate server, the properties are directly hosted on the website itself. In the long run, this web design will be an SEO powerhouse.



This is the new website I designed for the Idaho Spud Day in Shelley Idaho. I was asked by Chris Sheetz of the Shelley Kiwanis to rejuvenate the previous website. 
An Ecommerce is also on the way. We are still working out the details.



Wendy from AvCenter in Idaho Falls contacted me because they needed a complete overhaul of their current website.
This web design is still a work in progress as some content needs to be added, however we felt that it was 100% ready to be launched. It presents a modern and slick appearance, the CSS animation ties the whole web design together.



The Gowackerli.com website was my very first attempt at creating a responsive website with a video background.
This site does not incorporate any of the vehicles as it was meant to be a splash page only. 

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What is web design?

Web design is the process of creating the appearance of a website. It falls under the category of web development. However, the term web design is generally in reference to a website's style and appearance rather than its functionality and content. Designers use HTML, CSS and other tools to create the layout and design of the websites we see everyday.

As opposed to just 15 years ago, many websites today have stunning, visually pleasing aspects to them. While this may seem unimportant, it can capture the attention of visitors and eventually lead them to your call to action.

Websites today are so complex that design options are virtually endless. Designers can make tables, add images and videos, use different color patters or whatever else is needed to make a website great. There are even special effects, like animations, that can be used to make a website come to life. The way a site is designed will affect how long visitors stay and what decisions they make while they are visiting.

Brief History of web design

The process of designing websites has changed over time. In the early days, there was very little that could be done when developing a website. They were all very basic in both appearance and functionality. Websites looked like text documents and were nothing like the impressive websites that exist today.

Eventually, color was introduced to the web designing world. This allowed subtle designing styles to be developed. There was still very little that could be done in regards to design, due to the lack of resources back then. However, things were moving in the right direction.

As speed and storage capabilities began to increase, so did the need for new designing methods. Today, a web designer can do almost anything when designing a website. The tools that were developed over the years are now used to create websites that are user friendly and get the results they are intended to provide.

Web Design in Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is a fast developing city, the need for Web Designers is rapidly growing as well. If a business is looking to grow, getting a website quickly becomes a necessity. You cannot let the design side of that website be overlooked or treated as less important than other aspects. The design of a website speaks to the professionalism of the business behind it. A proper design can also lead to an increase in sales and customers for a business by improving their web presence.

Outrun Studio specializes in providing businesses with custom web design services, using up-to-date methods, to ensure your business is properly represented in the online world. We want to give you the tools necessary to succeed with a professional website. We will design it with the intention of increasing your sales and customer engagements.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses the internet on a daily basis. We want them to be able to find your business and spend their money on your goods or services. Proper designing techniques help make that happen.

Responsive design

A responsive web design will allow a website to adjust its display and format in order to look and operate efficiently no matter what device it is being viewed on. Using flexible layouts, designers are able to make a website that will look and run great regardless of a user's screen size.

Most people browse the internet from their mobile devices. It is now more important that a business' website look and operate properly on them than desktop computers. This is something that is taken into consideration during the design process. Rather than designing for desktops and adjusting things so they fit well on mobile devices, good designers do the opposite.

Aside from screen sizes, the browser being used will also affect how a website looks and operates. While most browsers will update in order to be compatible with the latest design tools, some might still not recognize certain options. However, there are steps that can be taken during the design process to ensure there are backup options in place in case a browser is not compatible with certain features.

How having a well-designed website helps businesses

A business that is looking to succeed should have a professionally designed website. They can be used for marketing and selling directly to potential customers. By introducing a business to the online market, it will be exposed to people who may have never found out about the business otherwise.


A website is a great marketing tool for businesses. There are online marketing techniques that have been developed over the years that are specifically made for businesses to draw people in.

One of the most recognizable techniques is called search engine optimization. SEO is used to draw people into a website based on the search terms they use. A designer can make a business' website SEO friendly, so that SEO keywords can be added to the site. As a result, specific groups of people will be drawn to the website, based on what they search.

Many business websites will have a blog section so that common keywords connected to the business will be built into the site. When someone searches for information and uses those keywords, that website will show up high in the search results.


Depending on the type of business you have, selling goods or services right on your website might be a good idea. In fact, many businesses only have a website and have no physical store for customers to visit. Paying rent for a storefront can be expensive. Many businesses figured out they can increase profits and cut costs if they sell directly to their customers online.

Even if a website is being used to draw people towards a physical location, a well-designed website can still increase a business' sales. It is a way to grab the attention of potential customers and give them whatever message you would want them to know. When combined with specials, deals and sales, it is a recipe for selling.

Graphic design to web design process.

There is a strong connection between web design and other design methods, such as graphic design. A lot of techniques used in web design come directly from other design formats.

Outrun Studio can create a website based on a template you create yourself, even if you have no knowledge of web design. You can get involved in the process and we will design the website of your dreams based on the layout you come up with.

Visiting a business' website is similar to a virtual tour of the business. The same way a shop keeper keeps their shop looking nice for potential customers, the same should be done with a website. It should be decorated with relevant pictures and media, while remaining neat and organized.