Search Engine marketing consultant in Idaho Falls.

What is Search Engine Marketing? 

Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”), also called “paid search” or “pay-per click” (“PPC”), is the process of boosting website traffic using paid search listings and ad spots in order to improve your website visibility in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Google is currently indexing a total of 30 trillion web pages. It’s no wonder that it is getting more and more difficult for website owners to get their website ranked on the Search Engines.

Pay Per Click is a very good and fairly affordable solutions to get your website and your business on the top page of  Search Engine Pages.

Outrun Studio is here to help your site get noticed and get you more converting traffic to your website using the power of Pay per click.

Since the internet is the most popular medium for locating information in the world, PPC is surprisingly cost efficient to advertise and reach new potential customers.

This can be accomplished through tools such as Google AdWords, and the Yahoo / Bing networks. According to a post from, SEM has one of the lowest costs per customer acquisition with national averages around $10 versus $70 for less effective direct mail campaigns.

Outrun Studio in Idaho Falls, ID is here to take control and help our clients understand how Pay Per Click works.

I will provide you detailed results with regular monthly reporting to ensure that you get the more traffic for your money.

Pay Per Click gives you immediate results.

Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM can and will get you ranking in a matter of hours. If you just started to optimize your website with an SEO campaign or if you have a brand new company or product that you are selling, Pay Per Click is a great way to get you ranking immediately for an affordable price.

Search Engine Marketing works with any budget.

With a Pay Per Click campaign, you will only be charged when your ad performs. Your ad could be displayed hundreds of time, if no one clicks on it, you will not be charges for it. You only pay for the quality traffic coming to your website, it’s that simple.

Your SEM campaign is fully scalable, I will help you target a variety of geographical locations that matters to you and your business.